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  • ...Economy are often overlapping. The Social Economy and in particular the Community Economy (on local level) are evolving out of the Shadow Economy by putting Birkhölzer, K. (2008): Local Economic Development and its Potential. Berlin: [ www.technet-berlin
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  • The terms ‘local economy’ and `local economic development’ have a double meaning. ...wait and see) it could be characterised as ‘endogenous’ development or development ‘from below and within’.
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  • ...ed immediately. As in other project developments, new ideas need further development and professional help - mainly on two aspects: (a) There is often a need for technical development especially if the project or social enterprise touches on more complicated
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  • ...ral Step]] USA, triple bottom line is becoming the standard for urban and community accounting and the dominant approach to public sector full cost accounting. ...form of criticism is noting that theso-called three pillars of sustainable development (profit, planet, people) are hierarchized in a system's view of how they op
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  • ...riety of aspects, such as planning for sustainability, water use, economic development, parks, and/or land-use. [[Category:en/Tool]] [[Category:Community Development]]
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  • ...nes too. Read more here. It is astonishing that so many members of the aid community have ignored tax for so long. Action on international taxation is, quite si Tax Justice Network] defends Tax Justice as the most effective tool for development and democracy.
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  • ...agination of previous generations. Yet, lacking in the wisdom of place and community that is the heritage of many indigenous peoples, the cultures we call mains ...majority of people are denied basic opportunities for personal and social development. A growing body of research evidence suggests that societies that share wea
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  • used in a wide range of contexts, including the fields of international development, healthcare, and political science. Quality of life should not be confused ...on from GDP measures towards alternative measures both at macro (ex: Human Development Index, Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare, Genuine Progress Indicator) a
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  • ...ts and mistrust between local communities and the state became widespread. Community-based management was largely substituted by practices imposed through state ...d scientific evidence and capable of meeting the needs of conservation and development.
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  • ...overlapping sources can be identified as having driven the conception and development of Degrowth: ...elopment. Anthropology and development studies have shown that the idea of development has been imposed as universal by western culture. Growth and unbalanced exc
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  • ...e-supporting ecosystems is crucial in maintaining options for future human development. Resilience, for social-ecological systems, has three defining elements: (1 ...resilience. Managing for resilience enhances the likelihood of sustaining development in a changing world where surprise is likely. The focus is on maintaining t
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  • ...ntral to the resolution of complex issues. Consequently, PNS calls for the development of new norms of evidence and discourse, where knowledge is extended to peer the creation of conditions to identify, involve and engage the relevant community, thus entering the realm of participatory processes. The contribution of so
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  • ...tional, free-enterprisers‖ (Hardin, 1968) Hardin gives an example in the development of maritime fisheries. ―Maritime nations still respond automatically to t ...ngle individual or private firm has full claims to determine use patterns; community or common property ownership (where a group of individuals shares rights to
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  • conjunta de posesión de títulos formada en colaboración con Riverton Community Housing.
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  • ...Mc Whirter e., (1991). Empowerment in counseling. Journal of Counseling & Development, 69. 222-227 cités in Centre d'excellence pour la santé des femmes (CESAF ...ntrôle <ref>A. Eisen, (1994). Survey of neighborhood-based, comprehensive community empowerment initiatives. Health Education Quaterly, 21 (2), 235-252, cités
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  • ...保有する合弁会社であり、リバートン地域住宅(Riverton Community Housing)との提携の上で結成された。
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  • 1980년 후반에, 캠퍼스 생협 진흥 회사 (Campus Cooperative Development Corporation, CCDC) 와 NASCO 프로퍼티즈 (NASCO Properties, NP )라고
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  • ...conjunta de possuição de títulos formada en colaboração com Riverton Community Housing.
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