Fórum Brasileiro de Economia Solidária

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The Fórum Brasileiro de Economia Solidária(Brazilian Forum of Solidarity Economy, FBES) is the Brazilian network of solidarity economy.


The idea to set up this Forum was born during the 1st World Social Forum which took place at Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil in January 2001 where as many as 1,500 people of different sorts (labour unions, churches, students, rural and urban communities etc.) gathered at the workshop "People's Solidarity Economy and Self-management." Although the current form of FBES came into existence in 2003, its precedessors achieved the creation of the National Secretary of Solidarity Economy at the Ministry of Labour and Employment. It organised the 1st National Conference of Solidarity Economy in June 2006 and works closely with RIPESS Latinoamérica y Caribe. Currently all 27 Brazilian states have their own forum.

Main activities

  • Creation of new solidarity enterprises
  • Consultancy and training services
  • Policymaking
  • Provision of information on suppliers, news,

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