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REGIO is a network of regional currencies, a sort of complementary currencies in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. It is run as a German non-profit.


- Research of regional complemtary currencies as well as the development and expansion of scientifically warranted procedure, methods and results with the goal to start and support sustainable regional development processes.

Why regional currencies?

The idea of regional currency was proposed by Margrit Kennedy. After running a LETS for a while, she was aware of the limit of this complementary currency which is usually used at a village or a district in a huge city and came to the conclusion that another complementary currency is needed for a broader economic zone so that it should be used for commercial transactions. Together with Bernard Lietaer she wrote the book "Regionalwährungen" (Regional Currencies) in German in 2004 and its French translation was published in 2008 (Downloadable French version in PDF).


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